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Legacy Christian School is a licensed and accredited private nonprofit school. The school can only achieve its goal of excellence in education with the assistance, support and generous donations from members of our community. Without donations to our Annual Fund and Capital Campaign projects, we will not be able to meet our educational goals with the most accelerated Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) programs.  


Your financial support is extremely important because it offers immediate resources that are directed to current needs and future opportunities to enhance the educational advancements of our school and to continue to obtain and preserve highly qualified teachers and staff.  We trust that you will help support our excellence in education at Legacy Christian School and help us Dare to Soar.

Make a gift today and invest in the future of our students.

Legacy Christian School focuses it's efforts on fundraising in three main areas:

  • Annual Fund

    • The annual fund at Legacy helps bridge the gap between tuition costs and actual expenses.  Every gift that is made to the fund helps ensure that tuition cost remain affordable and that we can continue to provide a stellar educational opportunity to our students. 

  • Capital Campaign​

    • The capital campaign is designed to facilitate the overall long term vision and growth of the school​.. Gifts made go directly towards paying for renovations, classroom expansions, technology upgrades, new educational buildings and athletic facilities..  Learn More

  • Eagles' Club​

    • The Eagle's club is designed specifically for our parents as a way for them to continue investing in their children by investing in their teachers.  Legacy endeavors to continue to obtain and retain the best teachers and staff in the area and through annual gifts and parent led fund-raisers we will be able to ensure our students have the best of everything.​

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**For Tuition Payments, please use the payment button at the top of the page.**

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