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Why You Should Choose
Promised Land's Legacy Christian School

At Promised Land's Legacy Christian School

We offer our students a comprehensive learning environment, filled with an enriching Bible-based curriculum.

At Promised Land's Legacy Christian School

Your child will receive an authentic Christian education and be instructed by passionate & professional educators.

At Promised Land's Legacy Christian School

Your child will learn with their peers in small classes, participate in hands-on learning throughout the day and experience a rigorous, curriculum that will have your student performing above grade level.

At Promised Land's Legacy Christian School

Our teachers are devoted to supporting parents and giving our students the tools needed to grow in Godly character.

Why You Should Choose Christian Education

The joy received from watching your child prosper academically and mature in the Lord cannot be beat.

1. God Commands Us To Teach Our Children Through His Word

God expects you, as a Christian parent, to plant and nurture His Word in the hearts and minds of your children. This is best accomplished in settings where home, church and school all send the same message, teaching God’s truth with clarity, conviction and consistency.


And while the benefits of such a commitment are often realized much later, here’s one you’ll notice in relatively short order. An education that uses God’s Word as its foundational text does more than produce spiritually-mature Christians. It makes them wiser and more knowledgeable. It forces them to be better thinkers.


And isn’t that the goal of education in the first place?

2. The School Shares Your Values

If you’re like most Christian parents, you’ve taught your children about God since the day they were born. You’ve taken them to church, read them Bible stories, sung “Jesus Loves Me.” Imagine their shock and dismay when they’re thrust into an environment in which God is hated, ignored, or both.


Even the best public schools are prohibited by law from reinforcing the values you teach at home. They either compete against them or disregard them altogether. And because you care about the mental and spiritual development of your children, you may spend countless hours trying to bridge the philosophical gap between Christianity and humanism – a gap that would never have existed had they attended Christian school.


By entrusting your children to educators who share your values, you’ll have more time for ball games and bike rides and meaningful conversations. Instead of debriefing your children, you’ll be getting to know them.

3. Safety

With thousands of students roaming their halls and taxpayer dollars funding their bankrolls, public schools can only go so far in the area of discipline. The result? More frequent occurrences of theft and physical violence, not to mention course profanity and open rebellion in the classroom.


Simply put, Christian schools are a safer place for your children to receive an education. While not devoid of problems they are far less likely to occur, and far more likely to be met with firm disciplinary action.
In addition to physical well-being, Christian schools offer a much safer emotional and spiritual environment. Verbal insults and hazing, things that go largely overlooked in a public school setting, are less likely to be tolerated.


This means politically-correct, socially-tolerant attitudes that pervade secular classrooms never see the light of day at distinctly Christian institutions. Anti-Christian behavior is exposed for what it is, which helps guard your children’s minds against the licentious attitudes fostered by popular education.

4. Individual Attention

In addition to having a higher percentage of caring teachers, Christian schools can almost always offer more individual attention than public schools, many of which are overcrowded and hopelessly understaffed. Even in cases where the ratio is virtually identical, class size is not.


Christian school classes generally have fewer students. They’re smaller, more intimate gatherings that encourage students to be participants rather than spectators. Students learn how to think quickly, and gain
valuable experience sharing their thoughts and opinions in a public forum.

5. Academic Achievement

Contrary to popular opinion, students at Christian schools consistently out-perform their public school peers. Their standardized test scores are way above the curve, and they’re better prepared for college upon graduation. This true even in the areas of math and reading, subjects that are deemed "less spiritual" than other areas of studies.

The sad truth is, despite their claims of excellence, our nation’s public schools are far less academically rigorous than they once were. Only 67 percent of all public school students entering ninth grade graduate with a regular diploma four years later. And despite the vast amounts of government money being funneled to public education, our SAT scores continue to slip and our competency in math and the sciences lag far behind other countries.

6. Success After Graduation

Because Christian school students perform at a higher level in the classroom than their public school peers, it only makes sense that their options upon graduation are more abundant. Therefore, they are more likely to be better prepared to handle the rigors of higher education. They have also received the spiritual foundation they need to excel in areas of ministry, whether they are career or volunteer-oriented.

The question remains however, how do you define success? Does success equal an Ivy League education for your child, or a certain salary level, or even a prestigious title? Then again, how does God measure success? A healthy marriage? An understanding of biblical truth? These are important issues to pray about.

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