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You can now make online payments via the Sandbox Parent App.

The annual registration fee to attend Promised Land's Legacy Christian School is $50 per child for pre-school students.  For elementary students, the annual registration fee is $150 per child which includes all books and course material needed for the academic school year.  The fee must be received and paid in full prior to a child's first day of attendance at Promised Land's Legacy Christian School. Registration fees are non-refundable and required each year to remain enrolled in our program.

All school tuition payments are due prior to any services being rendered. Payment is due on Monday morning of the current school week, Monday evening at the latest. Parents have the option to pay their child's tuition monthly or bi-weekly. Monthly or bi-weekly payments must also be received in advance. Any tuition fees paid after Monday evening will have a $25 late fee added. If a child has any outstanding tuition fees from weeks prior, that child will not be permitted to attend school until their tuition fees are paid.


Promised Land's Legacy Christian School tuition fees are not based on attendance. The weekly tuition for each student secures their continued enrollment at the school. Prorated tuition for a partial week of attendance at Promised Land's Legacy Christian School is not allowed.


All tuition & subsequent school fees are payable in cash, via the Sandbox Parent App or with a personal check. All returned checks will result in a $30 returned check fee. After two incidents of a check being returned for insufficient funds, all further payments must be made in cash.

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