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Student Admissions

What to Know About Enrollment

Enrollment at Promised Land's Legacy Christian School is open to children ages 3 months (Infants) to Kindergarten. We do not discriminate against any race, color, nationality and ethnic origin.

Admission and enrollment is dependent upon available slots in each classroom. Enrollment is open year-round or until a classroom is full and can no longer accept new students.

Tuition rates:

  • Infants-Toddlers - $140 per week

  • 3K Students - $125 per week

  • 4K Students - $125 per week

  • Kindergarten - $85 per week

Kindergarten students pay a $150 book fee in lieu of the re-enrollment deposit. Additional information is enclosed for Kindergarten parents.


For the latest update on each class' current enrollment status, please call the School Office.

T: 864-707-5651

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